Spain Soccer Players get Robbed by Brazilian Women After Game of Strip Poker at Confed Cup

Spain team


Brazil while beautiful, is a country that has been going through economic strife for much of its history, there’s a ton of crime, not to mention the massive riots that are currently taking place.

With this in mind, you would think that the Spanish soccer team, loaded with rich athletes, would know better than to trust locals around their belongings but apparently that wasn’t the case according to a story via Yahoo! Sports.

According to a report from Brazilian media giant Globo, several employees at Spain’s hotel in Recife confirmed that there was a bit more to the news of players having money stolen from their rooms than was originally revealed. The initial story, as confirmed by FIFA, was that several players, including Gerard Pique, had cash stolen from their rooms while they played their first Confederations Cup group-stage match against Uruguay. Globo’s sources, however, claim that this didn’t happen until after a party that followed the match.

The hotel employees told Globo that a band was brought in to entertain the players after their 2-1 win, accompanied by a group of women, beer and caipirinhas. The band played until 1 a.m. and then five women joined five players and members of the technical staff for a late-night game of strip poker. Some of the players then retired to their respective rooms with some of the women and when they woke up the next morning, the ladies were gone and so were several thousand euros.

Pique, the player whose name was included in the original report just welcomed a baby into the world with smoking hot Shakira.