Steph Curry Says He’s So Happy He Didn’t Fall to Knicks in the Draft


More than anything else the Knicks need a scorer who can create off the dribble and is a consistent jump shooter. Steph Curry would have fit in perfectly.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, the Warriors snatched up Curry before they had a chance (The Warriors had the 8th pick in 2009 NBA Draft and the Knicks the 9th Pick). It is a decision that Curry is grateful for.

“The great thing about this whole area is that it has everything,” he says. “I can live in the city or in the suburbs or near a college, it’s all in the same place. Tough to find an environment like that.”

But mostly: It’s the fans. “No offense to New York, but I’m so, so happy I didn’t fall to them in the draft,” he says after I tell him I’m a Knicks fan. “No matter what they do with the new arena, they better not change the dynamics of the fanbase. If we have the same fans, in this new place … man, I’d want to play here forever. Wouldn’t you?”

The Knicks ended up drafting Jordan Hill who is now a backup Power Forward with the Lakers.