Stephen Jackson on Spurs Releasing him: “It’s cool I got my Money”

Stephen Jackson


Stephen Jackson aka Stak5 has his mind on his money and not on his former team.

The former San Antonio Spurs player was waived late in the season after clashing with head coach Greg Popovich, over his declining role on the team.

The Spurs haven’t missed his presence, as they prepare to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. But Jackson isn’t stressing about having to sit on his coach watching his teammates battle for a championship because he got something that is way more important according to Buck Harvey of the San Antonio News-Express.

Any regrets, he was asked?

“Nope,” he said. “Got my money.”

Jackson was released from the Spurs in part because he felt he was better than Danny Green and Manu Ginobili and believed he should be playing more minutes than them. In the end he said the release “was best for me so I wouldn’t go crazy.”

Hey at least Stak5 has more time to go work on his highly-anticipated rap album…