Stephon Marbury Ex-Mistress Thurayyah Mitchell Wants $300K or His Mercedes


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See gentlemen, the grass isn’t always so green? Unless she’s reaching for your money.

Stephon Marbury is still struggling to come up with the finances of $331, 584.50 to finish paying the hush money he owes his ex- mistress, Thurayyah Mitchell. Since he hasn’t, Mitchell found a new way to get in his pockets, this time she’s reaching for his car keys.

TMZ reports:

Stephon Marbury’s ex-mistress is hell-bent on collecting her hush money from the ex-NBA star … even if that means going after his precious assets, like a couple of luxury cars. 

TMZ broke the story … Marbury and Thurayyah Mitchell — the personal chef he boinked, while he was married, back in 2006 — had an agreement: she would keep quiet about the affair, as long as he coughed up $900,000. Problem is … Marbury stopped making payments around the $600,000 mark, so Mitchell dragged the NBA star to court earlier this year, where a judge ordered Marbury to pony up the remaining $331,584.50. 

According to new court docs … Mitchell claims Marbury still hasn’t paid, so she wants a judge to force Marbury to turn over his Mercedes-Benz, his Land Rover and liquidate some of his assets to settle the debt. 

A hearing is set for June 17.

I dont think anyone understands to this day why Marbury would have a legal binding contract with a mistress, especially paying a large amount of money to keep her quiet. Every man knows women love to talk. This is a heads up gentlemen, certain women have no mercy when it comes to celebrities and athletes. Be careful who you surround yourself with and be conscious of the decisions you make.


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