Stevie Johnson’s Workout Goal: A body Like Megatron’s


Buffalo Bills wide receiver is doing all he can to get into good shape, and avoid the injury bug that has plagued him over the past two seasons.

One player Johnson likes when he sees him, is Detroit Lions all pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson.  Johnson rarely misses games while dealing with a ton of punishment on a regular basis.

Stevie Johnson’s personal trainer, Travelle Gaines, says that their off-season workouts this year are designed to make Stevie a bigger, stronger more physically imposing receiver, like Calvin Johnson.

Gaines was on NFL AM Wednesday, and according to Pro Football Talk, Stevie Johnson “wants a body like Megatron.”

“Stevie came to me and said, ‘I want to be considered a Top 5 wide receiver in the NFL. I want that Calvin Johnson type frame, that Calvin Johnson type of intimidation,’” Gaines said on NFL AM. “So he really hit the weights hard. He’s in the best shape of his life.”

“I think with Stevie’s personality, people think he’s just a jokester and a clown. But when he’s ready to go, he goes, and he’s 100 percent focused when he’s in the weight room,” Gaines said.

Stevie Johnson can never be like Calvin Johnson because he’s three inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter.  He can benefit from being a bit stronger and in better shape.