Stone Cold Steve Austin Says Tony Romo Sh*ts The Bed Too Much

Steve Austin

When you are the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys everyone has an opinion on your play. Even the great Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Here is Austin delivering the Stunner to Tony Romo Via 105.3 The Fan.

“My problem with Dallas is I think Tony Romo is a damn good quarterback, but he [expletive] the bed at the most inopportune times so when I look for leadership, I can’t say that Tony Romo is the clear cut leader….. He’s got all the physical tools. He’s inherently accurate. He’s got a quick release. He doesn’t have the strongest arm in the world, but he can damn sure throw so he just needs to do some brain work.”

And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

2 thoughts on “Stone Cold Steve Austin Says Tony Romo Sh*ts The Bed Too Much

  • ummmm…We care what an actor thinks about sports?

  • if anyone should know about s***ing the bed too much, it is an over the hill fake wrestling guy. so he has that going for him. his other points about romo are fairly accurate, i just wonder how many games this fake macho bozo would last at quarterback before he got hurt for real-real and either quit or had to be carried off? or how many quarters, more likely.

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