Strippers Upset Lance Stephenson Didn’t Make it Rain at KOD after Game 7 (Photos)


Lance Stephenson Strip Club

Considering the Pacers laid a humongous egg in Game 7 against the Heat, I am inclined to say the team didn’t deserve any stripper love. But, it is a long season, so it’s reasonable if you are already in South Beach, you might as well hit up King of Diamonds to let some young lady twerk your sorrows away.

The strippers though at KOD weren’t that happy with Lance Stephenson. According to TMZ the young baller “only” blessed the strippers with $1100.

When you are used to Harden Ones, I guess that would make you a little salty. The facts are you are a stripper, so every dollar counts, so be a little more humble. Stephenson was being financially responsible by only making it sprinkle in the club, so for now we will keep him off the “FUTURE BROKE” watch list.

Lance Stephenson Strip Club 2


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