Syracuse Media Director Sentenced to 5 Years Probation for Videotaping Nude Athletes


Roger Springfield video tapes football players

Maybe because he is 57 years old and was taping men not women, the judge cut him a break. Either way some very suspect behavior from former Syracuse media director Roger Springfield.

The 57-year-old former local television sportscaster pleaded guilty in March to a felony count of unlawful surveillance. Onondaga (ahn-uhn-DAH’-gah) County prosecutors say they found more than 100 identifiable victims on recordings he kept on his computer.

They say he obtained the images by hiding a camera in the locker rooms of the football team and the men’s lacrosse and soccer teams.


  1. bso don’t you know this is a gay male.

    he hay a right to be happy.
    where is the normal agenda based bso programming?
    let this man tape all the male he wants no one cares
    about college athletes ask the ncaa. the only person
    who ever got punished for doing something to college
    athletes was Don Imus

  2. If it was a male taping females, it would be national news, don’t you think? But a guy taping dudes would ruin the narrative that all gay men are cuddly creatures who just want to live in peace and harmony if only those evil, stupid white people in flyover states would let them get married. Oops. I sense Mr. Littal agrees, given his jibe in the first line.

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