Tavon Austin Loves Being Compared To Percy Harvin


St. Louis Rams rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin was the most dynamic playmaker in the 2013 NFL Draft, and looks forward to making plays all over the field in the near future.

Austin of course had to have an inspiration to become such a player, and Austin says look no further then the Seahawks Percy Harvin for that person who inspired him.

Austin loves being compared to Harvin, and according to Around The League, always looked up to Harvin also.

“That’s who I had looked up to when I was in college,” Austin said on Wednesday’s edition of NFL.com’s Draft Tracker Podcast. “He’s a lot older than me and a little bigger than me, but pretty much I think we do the same exact thing. The way he gets open in his routes, the way he sets up one-on-one matches, I think I can pretty much do the same things he can. And just the way he makes plays overall. I feel like that’s how I’m gonna be when I get here.”

If Austin can put up Harvin like numbers, Sam Bradford and the Rams will be explosive.