Terrell Owens Tweets About Visiting Chad Johnson in Jail


Terrell Owens visited Chad Johnson in county jail on Saturday afternoon and he tweeted about the experience of seeing his friend behind bars. As you have probably read, Johnson is serving a 30 day sentence for angering the judge presiding over his probation violation hearing by patting his attorney’s butt. (And in an interesting twist, the judge is legally blind.)

Considering the similarities in their public perception and career paths, it has to be very humbling for T.O. to see Johnson in jail knowing the roles could easily be reversed.

Knowing the visceral response these two personalities elicit, people will find a way to criticize what T.O. is saying. I don’t care if he has only been in jail for a few days and will probably be out Monday, jail sucks and it has to suck seeing your friend locked up.

Personally, I’m not as bad as Thomas DuBois from “The Boondocks” (the District Attorney who was afraid of going to jail because he was going to get raped) but I don’t want any part of that scene. Hopefully the judge’s ruling gets overturned and Johnson can go on with his life. I also hope this will be a humbling experience for both out of work wide receivers.

2 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Tweets About Visiting Chad Johnson in Jail

  • Great Boondock’s reference, that was a funny episode.

  • If T.O. doesn’t get his child support problem straightened out, he could be OchoCinco’s cell mate.

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