The Pittsburgh Pirates Are The First Team With 50 Wins

Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones


Believe it or not…

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the fist team in MLB to reach the 50 wins mark. The Pirates got their 8th win in a row in the process after a 2-1 victory over the Brewers, and hold the honor of having the best record in the majors.

The Pirates are engaged in a neck and neck race to the finish line with the St Louis Cardinals for the NL Central title. While many have expected a great season from the Cardinals, the same could not be said for the Pirates, who although are improved there still remains a cloud of doubt over just how improved.

The first team with 50 wins is something club hasn’t done since 1960 according to Elias. The Pirates should be proud of how well they’re doing, but time will only tell if they can maintain such a good start.

Are the Pirates for real or not?

H/T: NBC Sports