The Rock Lands Cover of WWE 2K14 Video Game (Photo)



The Rock has surely become what he’s always proclaimed himself to be, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

The WWE is acknowledging his superstardom by choosing The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson as he’s known more as now, for the cover of their WWE 2K14 video game.


The Rock has been all over the big screen this summer and has more movies in the works for next year, but his commitment to the WWE has never wavered. He has also said that he plans to be a part of Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans next April.

All of this is why the Rock is the perfect cover athlete for WWE 2K14 and the WWE should consider themselves lucky to still have him around.


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  1. Simply Amazing that The Rock, a black man has overshadowed legends like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple HHH in popularity. Every single wrestler that has ever worked in the WWE or TNA wish they had what Dwayne Johnson has. Are you guys aware of how many black wrestlers were denied the chance to headline a major wrestling event? I never thought a wrestler could outshine and outclass Hulk Hogan, until Dwayne Johnson came.

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