The Rock’s 7-Meal Diet to Play “Hercules” Consists of 3 lbs of Meat, 14 Eggs


The Rock


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is looking more and more like cartoon Bane everyday and that requires a lot of working out and the devouring of a lot of food.

According to TMZ, the actor/wrestler is set play “Hercules” in an upcoming movie and in preparation for the role he’s got to bulk up even more. Rock shared his massive 7-meal diet with the people on Twitter and it consists of three pounds of meat, 14 egg whites, rice and all sorts of veggies.


Rock diet





  1. I bet my next paycheck steroids is also on that list. I’m not hating, I’m being honest. You know racist Vince McMahon constantly keeps his wrestlers on the sauce!

  2. I am glad hollywood chose The Rock for this role. Producers could have chosen Channing Tatum or the man formerly known as Marky Mark. If the movie is done right, I will go see it.

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