Tiger Woods #1 on Forbes Top Paid Athletes List; Explains Why Lindsey Vonn is So Happy

Tiger Woods Drunk Face

Here is what Vonn had to say.

“We just are happy,” the Olympics skier told People Magazine. “We’re similar. We’re both at the top of our sports, and we relate really well to each other.”

I put that quote in the BSO translator and here is what she is really saying.

Tiger is back on the top of his sport, no one cares about skiing except during Winter Olympics, so if I can get this fool to marry me I can get paid like his Ex-Wife.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Larry Brown Sports breaks down the Forbes list.

After pulling in an estimated $65 million in endorsements and $13.1 million in salary and winnings, Woods’ topped Forbes’ 2013 list of highest-earning athletes by pulling in a total of $78.1 million

The other usual suspects are on the list.  LeBron, Kobe, Federer and etc.  Since they do the list in the middle of the year, they haven’t counted Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Canelo yet which would have put him at #1.

By the way Vonn wants half of Tiger’s money and $20 million cheating clause before they get married.

3 thoughts on “Tiger Woods #1 on Forbes Top Paid Athletes List; Explains Why Lindsey Vonn is So Happy

  • What is interesting about this is Lindsey Vonn was one of the biggest critics of Tiger Woods during the scandal. Now she is dating him! She is a hypocrite, a gold digger and for a becky, she is not very attractive!

  • That fool will be stupid to get into another marriage without an ironclad prenup.

  • Message to my black brothers: If you’re going to date a becky, date one that is attractive, not one that looks like she is 40 years old.

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