Tiger Woods Stars In USGA “While We’re Young” PSA To Increase Game Speed

Tiger Woods While We're Young

The United State Golf Association has launched a new campaign called “While We’re Young” aimed to encourage golfers at all levels of play to join their movement to improve the pace of play and decrease the time it takes to play the game. According to research the extended time it takes to play golf negatively impacts the enjoyment of the game and discourages those even if interested from playing.

“Pace of play has become a strategic priority for the USGA, and part of a larger leadership agenda to address the issues that threaten the long-term health of the game,” said USGA President Glen D. Nager. “Our new campaign underscores a commitment to educate golfers and golf facility managers in a fun and engaging manner about all the factors that contribute to pace of play and the role they can have in implementing practical solutions to the problem.”

The USGA will air five “Caddyshack” inspired public service announcements featuring Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood, Annika Sorenstam, PaulaCreamer, and Butch Harmon. The series can be viewed at http://www.usga.org or you can check out the Tiger Woods’ PSA below.