Tim Hudson Once Shoved Poop Up Adam LaRoche’s Glove In Retaliation Of Prank

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This story isn’t for those with weak stomachs.

Adam Laroche was on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk when he was asked about what was the best prank he ever pulled off.

The story goes as so, Laroche as traded from the Braves to the Pirates and was in Miami at the same time as his now former team. The Pirates were finishing off a series vs the Marlins while the Braves had the day off, instead of taking batting practice Laroche decided to sneak into the lockerroom and play a prank on his old team.

While in the lockerroom Laroche started to take out all the Braves appearal that had arrived for the series and by Laroche’s own account, here’s what transpired:

“And it just came to my head to pull out everybody’s underwear and sliding shorts, take a pair of scissors and cut the crotch out of everybody’s gear. I say everybody; I didn’t have the heart to get Bobby [Cox]. I couldn’t do that. But I got a lot of the coaches and just about all of the players, and then I wrote on the big board — Kevin, you might remember this. I’ll keep it clean, but I wrote on the dry erase board, I said, Hey boys, good luck and play balls out….

…So they all come in, and they’re getting dressed, and [Chipper Jones] happened to be one of the first ones in. And he goes to pull his sliding shorts up and he realized. And all the clubbies were in on it, all the Marlins clubbies. I said ‘Listen, hang everything up like nothing happened, I want these guys to come in and not see it until they get dressed.’ You got to talk to Chip. He said he sat in his locker for an hour and a half and just watched people come in, and obviously cuss me a little bit when they found out what I did. It was great.”

Seems like a pretty good prank, but there was pay back….

“I came in, it was getaway day, so they did the standard cut my suit up. Took my dress shirt, froze it. Cut all my equipment up, batting gloves, bats were broken. And then probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen, Tim Hudson takes my backup first base glove and stuffs human feces up in the fingers of my glove. So needless to say I had to throw that glove away. Never got to use it again. Pretty disgusting.”

There are no words…

H/T: Bush League Chronicle