McGrady Thinks Raptors Could Have Competed Against Championship Lakers


San Antonio Spurs reserve forward Tracy McGrady is 34 years of age own, and comfortable with his place in basketball history.

McGrady has been enjoying the perks of the NBA Finals media sessions, and he feels the need to do a lot of talking.  T-Mac was asked about his time with the Toronto Raptors.

McGrady as only he can, told the Toronto Sun that the Raptors teams with himself and Vince Carter on them “could have competed with the Lakers for NBA titles.”

“At that time, I think Toronto probably could have competed for championships with the Lakers, that’s what I think,” McGrady said Friday.

“Toronto, they didn’t know I was capable of that type of performance as far as scoring. I didn’t (even) know I had that in me,” he said.

McGrady also hinted at the fact that he left Toronto because he was tired of being in Vince Carter’s shadow.

2 thoughts on “McGrady Thinks Raptors Could Have Competed Against Championship Lakers

  • No, they couldn’t have because even though Vince was possibly the most physically gifted athlete we have seen in the NBA behind Lebron he wasn’t winner and was far from being a person who could lead a team to a championship. McGrady falls into this same unfortunate category. Carmello will also be remembered as this.

  • That’s bull poopy, T-mac simply never had the guns to make it throughout the playoffs out west. But you are right, Vince Carter is not a winner and besides that short stop in New Jersey, has never played winning basketball.

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