Vernon Davis: Seattle Seahawks are Building a Dynasty

Vernon Davis


After a Super Bowl berth this past season and falling one incomplete pass of being Super Bowl champions, the San Francisco 49ers have found themselves among the favorites to return to the big game next February. Interestingly enough, one of their biggest roadblocks to another title game appearance are the Seattle Seahawks who reside in the exact same division.

With two games scheduled between the two powerhouses, one might naturally think the two teams aren’t that fond of each other. On the contrary, if you ask 49ers tight end Vernon Davis he has great respect for that team up north. Even going as far as to using the word “Dynasty“, when talking about them.

“You have a team like Seattle who is coming up. They are building a dynasty over there. They have some good players over there who are eager to win. These guys are starving. We have to really keep that in mind because these guys are coming to take us out,” Davis told Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network. “I respect them, just like I respect my team, but we want to win too. We are in it to win.”

I can appreciate respect being shared between opponents but to use the word dynasty goes just a little overboard in my books.

Who knows, perhaps Davis is just trying to soften the Seahawks up for when they play later this season. But until a team has won a Super Bowl, don’t think that word should ever be associated with them.