Victor Cruz Says He Won’t Be Doing A Reality Show


Earlier we reported on news that suggested that Giants star wide receiver Victor Cruz was in talks to get his own reality television show. 

According to the New York Daily News, Cruz wanted something that would not be anything like a Kardashian TV show.

“It is going to be something that is very unique to me and very unique to what I like, and like to do,” Cruz said, via James Desborough of theNew York Daily News. “We are still fielding some requests, so we will see how it goes — the timing has to be right, and I have got to squeeze in some training in there before the season starts.”

“I definitely want it to be my show,” he said. “My own thing, something that I can contribute to and something I like to do, I can be comfortable with, and an easy show, something people like to watch and that people can be in tune with on a daily basis.”

Now either Cruz is backpedaling around the reality television idea, or someone at the New York Daily News got their story and their quotes wrong.

Cruz himself took to Twitter to deny that he was doing any type of reality television, and called the New York media bored.

This is definitely confusing, because Cruz is the source on the story, but for now no reality TV for Victor Cruz.