What Adjustments Should the Heat Make in Game 2 of NBA Finals

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Magic Johnson on what adjustments the Miami Heat should make in preparations for Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

“The adjustments they need to make is to play better.”

Magic was an All-Time great basketball player, a very astute businessman, but he has always been one of the worst analyst of all time. Here are some real tangible adjustments the Heat can make, that most people sitting on their couch could figure out.

1- Tell Chris Bosh he isn’t Steph Curry.

The 3 ball is like a seductive woman, she can lure you in and then rob while you are sleep at your hotel. The Heat wanted to pull Roy Hibbert away from the paint, so they intentionally made Bosh hang out at the three-point line. No need to do that against San Antonio. Bosh is a very consistent 15-17 foot jump shooter, so the minor adjustment he needs to make is step in a couple of more feet and take the same jumper, just at a higher percentage. If they close out on him, Bosh is skilled enough to put the ball in the floor and drive to the basket.

2- Don’t fall in love with the 3.

It isn’t just Bosh it is the entire Heat team. I noticed it early in the game that the Spurs were determined to keep the Heat out of the lane especially LeBron and Wade. They were going to live and die with letting the Heat take perimeter shots. The Heat are a transition, penetration team. When you clog the lane, it bogs down their offense. They were hot from 3 in the first half, but in 2nd half when the Spurs started to close out on their shooters more, the bricks started flying. They Heat have to stay aggressive, not just settle for the jumper.

3- LeBron should keep on doing what he is doing.

I heard several people say “LeBron needs to stop passing to the open man”. Just let that sink in for a minute and realize how stupid they sound. Analyst complain about Kobe or Melo going 1 on 3 and terrible shot selection, but then complain about LeBron playing the proper way.

He was efficient in Game 1, his mindset is always to make the “right” play. The only adjustment he needs to make is talking to his teammates about proper spacing, so when he does pass they are in the proper place to score.

4- Double Tony Parker on the pick and roll.

Another comment you hear a lot is  “Put LeBron on Tony Parker”. First off, Tony Parker isn’t Derrick Rose, totally different type of player. Much harder to guard for someone as big as LeBron. Maybe for a possession or two, but unrealistic to think LeBron can shut him down. More practical way to slow Parker up is a hard trap off the pick roll that forces him to give up the ball and keeps him out of the lane.

5- Don’t panic

I don’t think the Heat will, they have been in this position before. Being use to the Pacers sloppy play and then playing a deadly efficient Spurs team is an adjustment.

I don’t buy the whole tired excuse, they just lost the game. It is a long series and they are a good team. Can’t let the Spurs and Pop get into their head.

3 thoughts on “What Adjustments Should the Heat Make in Game 2 of NBA Finals

  • All the wrong adjustments.Please, keep in mind miami was up by 4 intill they started to lack on Defense in the 4th qter.They need small adjustments.
    1) keep attacking the basket (Tim was in foul trouble early that is a plus)
    2)Miami pic and roll defense needs to extend tony parker out furture.They did an overall great job on him intill the 4th qter(the lucky shot) he made is proof of the great pic n roll defense of miami.
    3)Stop getting complacent when you think you have everything under control.When miami came out of the half they got comfortable and i blame that on coach pop (great job coaching).He saw the exact samething in the pacers seris.Miami gets to comfortable and the play down to competetion.
    Individual adjustments.LBJ is good ,Wade is good,Bosh needs to score and rebound more.Lbj did all the rebound which took away from his offensive rythm.Wade keep driving.The others need to hit the critical shoots and maintain there aggresiveness.
    Sorry for the long spat.

    • by the way tim ducan and lebron james are haveing a bosh moment in this picture.

  • I hope Tim Duncan gets that 5th ring, he deserves it. The Spurs are a classy balanced team, I’m rooting for them.

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