Why Hiring Jason Kidd is a Risky Move for Nets

Jason Kidd Mugshot

It isn’t unusual for Ex-NBA players to become head coaches. A lot of them become successful head coaches. But, almost all of them were retired for more than a couple of weeks, before they got that opportunity.

Either they become assistant coaches or work in the media, whatever the case they get their feet wet and the experience learning from afar.

Jason Kidd isn’t doing that. He is going straight from the court to the bench.

The reasons the Nets are hiring Kidd in my opinion have nothing to do with his coaching ability, but everything to do with public relations and his BFF relationship with Deron Williams.

Basically, he will be a figurehead head coach similar to Larry Bird when he was in Indiana. Bird didn’t do much, he was the Head Coach, but his assistants pretty much ran everything. Kidd will get solid assistants, but the Nets were built to win now and if they falter, the blame will fall on Kidd not his assistants.

Kidd was one of the best point guards of our generation, but he has had personal problems off the court and strained relationships with teammates and coaches throughout his career.  Also, there is no way to know if Kidd will even like coaching, because he hasn’t coached on any level.  Being a coach on the floor and a coach in a suit are two different things.  It is quite possible that half way through his first season he might realize he isn’t cut out for coaching, it happened to Magic Johnson, it could happen to Kidd.

Very risky move by Nets, there won’t be any middle ground, either Kidd will be a huge success or fail spectacularly.