Woman Suing LeSean McCoy for Assault Proven to Be a Liar via Text Messages (Photos)



A woman is suing LeSean McCoy for $50k claiming she injured herself when McCoy and his bodyguard punched and kicked her, then eventually threw her off a party bus. One small problem, she admits in these text messages via TMZ that LeSean McCoy never touched her and she is more upset about being kicked off the bus than any real assault.

LeSean McCoy Texts

What it sounds like to me is that she hurt herself trying to stay on the bus and the “assault” was just the bodyguard trying to get her off the bus, nothing more, nothing less.

The is why the police didn’t charge anyone with a crime and it is why this lawsuit should be thrown out of court.

Lesson to be learned here, be careful about what females you let on your party bus.


  1. Look ya’ll. This is a prime example of the scandalous activities females do but because of the stigma, society is quick to believe them over men. Wake up and stand up for your rights.

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