Woman Who Murdered Panthers Fred Lane Runs Kids Summer Camp Now

Deidra Lane

Deidra Lane was found guilty of murdering her husband Carolina Panthers running back Fred Lane back in 2003.

She was released from prison in 2009. My math is a little fuzzy, but six years for a cold blooded murder seems a bit on the light side. I have seen people go to jail for longer periods of time for robbing gas stations. I certainly wouldn’t want a murderer running a day camp my child would be attending, but that is what is going on in North Carolina.

Two convicted murderers are running a summer day camp for children at a Raleigh University.

One of the women was involved in a high profile murder of her husband, a former Carolina Panthers player, and the other was convicted of killing her own child.

The woman who runs the Kiddie Kollege Summer Camp at St. Augustine’s University is Doris Bullock, the former Doris Braswell. Bullock was convicted of second-degree murder in the 1981 death of her infant child.

Her assistant is Deidra Gary, formerly Deidra Lane. In 2000, Gary was convicted of killing her husband, Carolina Panthers running back Fred Lane. She pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2003 and was released from prison in 2009.

the school would only release a statement, saying:

“The safety and well being of children in our on-campus programs are our top priorities. Saint Augustine’s University performs background checks on all employees. Doris Bullock and Deidra Gary serve in administrative roles and provide valuable support. They are exemplary employees and productive members of the community.”

Awesome a husband killer and child killer being allowed to supervise kids.

FYI, the parents aren’t told two felonys are watching their kids, they probably know now though.

19 thoughts on “Woman Who Murdered Panthers Fred Lane Runs Kids Summer Camp Now

  • This article is very judgmental. People do wrong, but we don’t know the circumstance or state of mind the people were in. Finally, who knows? They may have even changed.

    • They do deserve a second chance. They have paid their debt to society but are u really trying to defend a child killer working with children?? They deserve a chance but not running a kids program. In the state of NC if procedures were correct, she would not be allowed to work with children by the state who also runs FBI background checks on all potential child care employees. Someone skipped this step.

    • That’s total BS! This woman had a history of being violent witnessed by several people. She had misappropriated money from the bank account which she also was charged for. And to give a person seven f###ing years for which was clearly premeditated murder!? I’m all for giving someone a second chance but this woman has a history of being very violent

  • I thought that Mrs. Lane was also involved in a bank robbery.

  • I don’t care if you went to jail and served time or not! You will not be in charge or the safety of my child. No way. Especially if you killed your own child! Sweet Baby Jesus absolutely not!!!

  • I’d be willing to bet the day camp where these ladies work is full of black kids. A Youtube personality named Tommy Sotomayor frequently claims the government and court system are rigged in favor of black women to help destroy young black people and in turn destroy black communtities.

    When you read absurd stories like this, one has to wonder if it’s more than just a racial conspiracy theory…

    • I think the most destructive thing to the black community is black men killing each other indiscriminately. Why aren’t black women killing each other? They are raised in the same families as black men, who appear to be more favored than their sisters. But it’s ok to but the blinders on to avoid any kind of reflection. Sotomayor strikes me as a gay man full of resentment that black women exist, thereby forcing him to live a semblance of a straight life. He probably grew in a dysfunctional family, too. Black people who grow up in bad families tend to hate all black people, something you don’t see reflected in other groups.

      • You sound more bitter than him. Especially quoting made up facts…”why arent black women killing black women”. Ur on the internet, it would make sense to look that up b4 u quote it fox news. Also, black males are killing indescrimately although u may not agreebthey feel they have reasons. Im a blackmale and no one killed me indescrimately. The whole point of this article is to bring awareness on felons running child programs. Although he may have attacked those women (rightfully so) there was no attack on blackwomen.

        • You’d get a like if it was possible here.
          And yes, there are black males killing black males indiscriminately….
          to feed their families, composed of a baby momma who has a thing for thugs and treat reasonable honest black males like shit, a momma who beat him up to a bloody pulp when he was a kid and a daughter who wants a new iphone.

    • St. Aug is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and most are in impoverished black neighborhoods so its safe to say those are black children. You are right. Although I think people deserve a second chance, I dont think it should be running a kids camp.

  • These articles don’t really mention the fact that both of these ladies are in an administrative role. Not really dealing with the kids at all.

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