Writer Says John Wall Getting a Tattoo, Means He Isn’t “Clean Cut” & Bad Decision Maker

John Wall tattoos

I would respect the Washington Post writer Jason Reid if he would stop with the coded language and just say what he really means.

He is saying that John Wall is too black, is presenting a thug image and because of that he shouldn’t be given a max contract. Don’t beat around the bush and insult our intelligence, we know what this means.

Wall is expected to receive a huge payday from the Wizards next month, and the timing of his tattoo revelation raises questions about his decision-making. For a franchise with a history of backing the wrong players, that’s food for thought.

Judging by his new look, Wall, who declined an interview request Monday through the team, might not be as concerned as he once was about appealing to a wide audience. In interviews before the 2010 draft, Wall made a point of presenting the type of clean-cut image teams want from college players to whom they’re considering giving millions of dollars.

So if you still have something to prove on the court, why give your employer reason to be unsure of who you are off it?

The whole premise is off from the beginning. Tattoos have nothing to do with your decision-making on or off the court. There are a lot of outstanding individuals in this world with tattoos (especially in the NBA) and there are horrible people in this world who don’t have a drop of ink on them.

Secondly, the Wizards should be concerned about winning and not if John Wall is clean-cut. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and others have tattoos, but they also are winners, people cheer for winners, not tattoos.

John Wall’s contract should be on the strength of his play and that is all.  If you don’t feel like John Wall is a franchise guy because of his decision-making on the court that is fine, but if you are basing your decision on his tattoo, you are an idiot.

These writers don’t fool me, they see the fame and attention that people like Skip Bayless is getting and they try to mimic that with these type of race baiting controversial coded articles.

It works, because I didn’t know who Jason Reid was before today, but I do now, sad how that works.

3 thoughts on “Writer Says John Wall Getting a Tattoo, Means He Isn’t “Clean Cut” & Bad Decision Maker

  • What’s even more sad is that Jason Reid is a black man who should know better and know how the game works. Whatever it takes to make yourself famous, especially since he got a chance to speak on the Dan Patrick Show today.

    • no whats even more sad is , people not understanding his point, i dont agree with it , but the writer did not write , that wall’s decision making skills is terrible, but rather wall is the one that stated he did not want tattoos because he wanted a clean cu image and now all of a sudden gets tattoos , which speaks to his decision making skills as he is not able to make up his mind or flip flops easily

  • Regardless of the clear prejudices that Reid displays by saying its ok for leron and durant to be tagged up cause they win, the main issue of this article is based around horrible stay tracking. Reid complains wall hasn’t taken them to the playoffs so he doesn’t get to have tattoos because they can give of the impression (too idiots who think tatted up has to equal gang banger) that “he has arrived”. Since 1997 or 16 years ago the wiz went to the playoffs 4 times because of the Hibachi who Reid also throws under the bus (that’s another issue). So realistically to think Wall is going to come out and win a ring right away is hilarious. If you equate playoffs and championships to max contracts then I guess you wouldn’t give kyrie Irving max dollars either with cleveland? Yeah that’s what I thought. It is a legitimate complaint wall is injured a lot. But it’s also a fact when wall and nene played together last season the wizards were 24-16. That includes beating 9 playoff teams including the heat. That win percentage is the same as the nets for the whole season and even if he took them to 500 that can get you in most years anyways. Wall may not deserve max dollars but it can’t be because of tattoos, playoff appearances, or Instagram photos. I love how Reid complains about wall changing from humble to selfish when at Kentucky HE HAD HIS OWN DANCE that kids mimiced across the country as it was shown on sports center every night. But wait that’s ok because he was winning I forgot. So Jason Reid just go out and say that he doesnt don’t think John wall should be able to enjoy his life ad his civil liberties of tatoos because he can’t rescue a hapless franchise incapable of assembling a team worthy of nba respectability. Wall doesn’t pick the players and it is a team sport. Single players don’t carry franchises like Reid claims Lebron does (wade, bosh, ray Allen) or durant (Westbrook, ibaka, harden RIP) teams and franchises do. The only thing that can come to mind as an appropriate response to this article would be a big wave with both hands followed by a thunderous yell of HIIII HATTEEERRRR.

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