Yankees Fan Suffers Fractured Skull; Assaulted By Orioles Fans at Camden Yards

Yankees Fan

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but people are entitled to root for whoever they like to root for. If that means a Yankee fan want to catch a game in Baltimore, they should be able to do so in peace.

People should be respectful and not act like animals. As a society would should be better than this, it doesn’t make you a big man to harass someone because they are wearing a different jersey than you.

Matt Fortese is a Yankee fan living in Maryland, he takes his lady to the Nationals vs. Orioles game wearing his Yankees hat. There is no law that gives anyone the right to tell a person what hat he wants to wear at a stadium, but some idiots at Camden Yards decided to flex their beer muscles and then this happened according to The Big Lead.

Fortese’s family and Queen told the Sun that one of the men threw a beer at the couple, resulting in an argument. Police said that [Gregory] Fleischman punched Fortese in the head, sending him over the railing to the ground about five feet below. Nathan Steelman, an off-duty state trooper came to Fortese’s aid.

Steelman told the Sun that Fortese had gone as long as 45 seconds without breathing. Steelman, who received emergency medical training as a soldier deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, removed a wad of chewing tobacco from Fortese’s mouth that had blocked his airway.

Fortese is in the hospital with a fracture skull and is listed serious condition, who knows what long-term damage he will have.

Greg Fleischman, 22, has been charged with first and second degree assault and disorderly conduct and Michael Bell, 21, has been charged with second degree assault and disorderly conduct.

They should be charged with attempted murder and thrown under the jail.

We are not savages, these are pathetic individuals that I hope spend a long time in prison.

2 thoughts on “Yankees Fan Suffers Fractured Skull; Assaulted By Orioles Fans at Camden Yards

  • I hope those a**holes get serious prison time

  • Hope he gets better, but yankee fans come down to Baltimore and run their mouths all the time, been doing it for years along with Boston fans, and this is the result. Baltimore is like one of the last places you want to come for sports and run your mouth or you could be leaving without any teeth!

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