Yankees Top Pick Admits ‘I Can’t Stand The Yankees’ Before Draft

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Humorous story from what was, as always, a lackluster MLB draft.

Yankees first round draft pick Ian Clarkin grew up idolizing Luis Gonzalez–the same man who hit the game winning base hit in game 7 of the World Series between the Yankees and Diamondbacks.

Before the MLB Draft commenced on Thursday Clarkin was asked on camera to describe his reaction when Gonzalez hit the game winner.

“I cannot stand the Yankees, so I was actually in tears because I was so happy,”

So now can you imagine Ian’s chagrin when he’s selected by the Yankees later that night? When reminded of his earlier statements after being selected Clarkin replied ‘ohhhh my gosh’ looking totally shocked and embarrassed.

The young kid had a humorous gaffe that we can all giggle about. Clarkin then back tracked and added in:

“Now I do love them, and my dad’s going to have to learn to love them, too,…They’re the most historic organization, and I am looking forward to it. There’s proof in the pudding, and I’m excited for it.”

This kid saved better than Rivera. All is forgiven.

H/T: Larry Brown Sports