49ers Ahmad Brooks In Trouble For Busting Teammate Over Head With Bottle

Ahmad Brooks

The Santa Clara district attorney is considering filing charges against 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks for allegedly attacking teammate Lamar Divens with a beer bottle.

H/T: Mercury News

The controversy stems from a June 8 incident in which Brooks allegedly struck 49ers nose tackle Lamar Divens three times in the head with a beer bottle and then punched him in the face during an argument over car keys outside Brooks’ house in San Jose. The alleged attack left Divens bloodied and requiring three stitches, according to court documents.

The incident started when 49ers players were out drinking. Brooks was too intoxicated to drive so Divens drove him home. Upon arriving Brooks asked for his keys. Divens pretended to throw his keys in the grass and before he could hand them to him Brooks hit him over the head with a beer bottle. According to reports Brooks began cursing at Divens and hit him in the head again. Then before striking Divens for a 3rd time asked

“Do I need to get my (expletive deleted) gun?”

Police were called and took a report, but no arrests were made. Divens originally indicated to law enforcement that he wanted to press charges against Brooks, but a few days later informed law enforcement that he and Brooks were resolving the issue.

“He said this would be bad for both of their careers and that he just wanted to keep playing and that they had resolved it”

The officer informed Divens that the case would be submitted to the DA’s office for review. Initially an arrest warrant was issued for Brooks on felony charges, but not the DA is debating where the linebacker should be charged with a misdemeanor or not at all.

This is not Brooks first run in with the law. In 2008 he was accused of punching a woman in the face and in 2005 he was dismissed from the Virginia football team for an undisclosed “off the field” incident.

It sounds like Brooks has an anger management problem and needs help.