Aaron Hernandez Is Close To Being Charged For 2012 Double Homicide

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Seems like every other day another murder case gets linked back to Hernandez.

Hernandez is due back in court on Wednesday for his involvement in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd. In addition to that, Hernandez is being looked at by prosecutors for his connection to a double homicide in Boston in 2o12.

According to the Boston Globe via ESPN:

With a Suffolk County grand jury probing the shooting deaths of two Cape Verdean immigrants in their car July 16, 2012, a law enforcement official tells The Globe, “the case against Hernandez appears to be strengthening”.   Boston police made a possible connection between Hernandez and the double-homicide after he came under scrutiny in the June 17 killing of Lloyd.

Let’s hope Hernandez’s troubled life serves as a warning for young men coming into the league, who are too scared to neglect their street ties.

We’re just now beginning to understand the real Aaron Hernandez, and the more that comes out the more disturbing it is. So many lives thrown and taken away foolishly.

Details still to come…

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  • Too scared to neglect their street ties? We need to quit making excuses for these common thugs and stop giving them scholarships that they use to get to pro sports that could be going to kids that really deserve it.

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