Aaron Hernandez’s Barber Cooperating with the Police


Aaron Hernandez Face

A lot of things are said at barbershops.

Most of it outlandish and false, but it is one of those safe havens, where guys talk about cheating on their wives and girlfriends, a robbery they committed in high school or maybe just some random shootings they have never been arrested for.

According to this report from Pro Football Talk, Aaron Hernandez’s barber doesn’t want any trouble, so he is cooperating with the police.

A passing reference to a grand jury also appears at the bottom of an item in the Boston Herald with a headline that focuses on court papers citing cocaine.  Buried there is news that Hernandez’s barber, Roberto Olivares, has cooperated with authorities.  Per the report, Olivares identified the apartment that Hernandez maintained roughly 20 minutes from his North Attleboro home.

The barber told them he had been to the condo and had cellphone text messages allegedly from Hernandez giving him the address, according to the search warrant records.

Loyalty only goes so far when prison time is staring at you in the face.  It seems like most of Aaron Hernandez’s crew are starting to think more about their future than his.