Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Called Police After He Bloodied His Hand Punching Window

Aaron Hernandez Face

I have to admit, I am a little surprised how none of these prior incidents with Aaron Hernandez never made the news until after he was charged with murder.

It isn’t like it was just one report, it has been multiple reports of violent behavior where the police has been involved, but we have never heard about them until now. Maybe, if at some point he was arrested for these smaller crimes, he wouldn’t have allegedly committed a much more serious one.

Aaron Hernandez’ fiancée called cops on him just a few months ago when he punched a window in their house, and bled all over the place … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the incident went down at their rented home in Hermosa Beach, CA … where Aaron and some buddies were partying from 4 PM to 9 AM.

We’re told when Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins began arguing — because she wanted to pull the plug on the party — Hernandez put his fist through a window.

Neighbors describe Hernandez as a nightmare, police say they were called several times to break up all night parties, but all of this has been kept under wraps.

Makes you wonder what other things athletes are getting away with, that we simply don’t know about.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Called Police After He Bloodied His Hand Punching Window

  • Although Boston is a huge sports town but not a media town like NY and LA. I think the Pats control their media to a point where a lotta players’ dysceetion are covered up for the mist part. The Pats aren’t a flashy team . They play ball like chess but they win. So a winning team that brings plenty of money to the local economy.

  • This is appoint Whitlock made: Hernandez has been moonlighting as a football player. Dudes got issues for days. I’m sure all the folks around him saw and knew about them but no one tried to do anything about them.

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