AJ McCarron Says He Doesn’t Speak For Johnny Manziel, He’s His Own Man


AJ Mccarron, luck

McCarron has been sort of swept up in the Johnny Football saga, but basically he told the media in the most polite way “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”.

“I can’t answer on Johnny Manziel’s part,” McCarron said when asked to address the situation involving Manziel at the Manning Passing Academy, an event in Thibodaux, La., where McCarron and Manziel served as co-counselors. Manziel left the academy early after oversleeping, he told ESPN.

“My name’s AJ,” he said. “Everything that has to do with him, he’s his own man. I’m not going to speak on another man’s business. That’s how I was raised. If I don’t have nothing to do with you, don’t speak on it.

“I know how I handle myself out in public, how I carry myself in front of people. That’s what I’m worried about, trying to be the best player and the best person off the field that I can be for my family and the University of Alabama. I never want to disrespect them in any way.”

Some subliminal shots, but all and all the statement is correct. He isn’t Johnny Manziel’s babysitter, plus he is the one with the championship rings not Johnny Football.


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