Al Harrington Says He Lost 27 Pounds, Wants To Play For Contender


Al Harrington had such a disappointing year last season, probably didn’t even notice he was on an NBA roster.

Yes played in 10 dismal games for the Orlando Magic last season, and wants to forget all about the horrible experience.  The 33-year-old forward is aware that the Magic may trade, or choose to cut him.

Either way Harrington says he’s prepared.  Harrington has two years, $14.7 million left on his contract, and told USA Today that he’s lost 27 pounds, and would prefer to play for a contender.

“It’s been hard work,” Harrington, who gained all of his weight back and more last season, said of his road back. “I started on April 26. That’s the day I got in the gym, and I’ve been in here ever since. I really had no time off, just been grinding and trying to lose the weight. I feel like the lighter I am the more pressure I take off my knee, you know what I mean? So that was the focus behind losing the weight, and then just being strong.

“I’ve lost 27 pounds. I’m on my way down. I had to do it, and I’m focused. I’ve got a lot left in the tank. I’m only 33 years old, and people act like I’m 40. I’m just excited about getting back out there on the court and showing everybody. For me, this year I’m going to have a chip on my shoulder, so if I play like that I’m going to be tough to deal with.”

Harrington averaged 14 points a game for Denver two years ago, and should be able to provide some contender with outside shooting.