Alabama DE Dee Liner Flashes A Lot Of Cash On Instagram (PHOTO)


Some young kids will never learn.

Incoming Alabama freshman defensive end Dee Liner wants you to know he’s made it.  The struggle’s over.  Liner who still struggles with common sense, took to his Instagram to let people know he’s not hurting for money anymore.

Liner chose the Crimson Tide after changing his mind about  his commitment to Auburn in January.

In the picture courtesy of The Sporting News, Liner and two of his friends who probably have the least amount of common sense also, posed for pictures flashing a ton of cash.

Liner removed the photo, but posted this message about his financial status.

I’m doin better than I EVER did! Now I can give big bills to my relatives!

— Dee Liner ✈ (@Liner_25) July 27, 2013

Liner looks like he’s doing very good, and Nick Saban can think Liner for that early a.m. phone call he should expect on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Alabama DE Dee Liner Flashes A Lot Of Cash On Instagram (PHOTO)

  • Is that part of the incoming care package that Alabama freshmen receive? No dynasty in college football is legit; just look at USC. There is always corruption involved. That Alabama, who is probably the most corrupt team in college football history, is buying players should come as no surprise.

    • Oh please,Sid Show me one ….just ONE ounce of proof that money came from someone at Alabama. And please elaborate for us on all the reasons Alabama is the most corrupt team in CFL. And please cite specific examples. Sounds like you’re just a hater. Probably a fan of some team that Alabama beat all over the field.

  • Not only is the NCAA looking at college kid’s websites, the federal government is spying as well. These kids need to know that if you take a picture and post it on the internet, it lasts FOREVER!

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