Andrea Pearson Doesn’t Want Chad Johnson’s $5k Child Support Payments Reduced

Chad Johnson 1

It really shouldn’t matter if you are an athlete, entertainer or Walmart employee, your child support should be based roughly on your income.

Andrea Pearson is currently getting $5,240 a month ($62,880 a year) from Chad Johnson. The question begs does Chad current salary warrants a reduction or not.

Pearson says no and she has an interesting reason why.

Andrea argues in docs … she shouldn’t be punished for Chad’s screw ups, clearly stating that his money problems ARE his fault, explaining, “he sabotaged his own earning ability through his conduct and criminal behavior.”

She’s asking a judge throw out his request.

I am not a legal expert, so I don’t know the answer to this. If I work at Walmart, I am paying child support, but then I get fired for smoking weed at the job, does that have anything to do with my inability to pay, since I caused my own firing?

I guess we will find out soon.

2 thoughts on “Andrea Pearson Doesn’t Want Chad Johnson’s $5k Child Support Payments Reduced

  • Now that he isn’t making a lucrative amount of money, I think it should be reduced. Why should she get $5200 a month if his income has changed? I bet if he signed for $100 million dollar deal she would want more… So why not reduce it?. She needs to get a job & do the best she can do raise her child, bc in the end it was your choice.

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