Anna Benson Was Once Charged With Murder & Was on America’s Most Wanted

Anna Benson Mugshot

Anna Benson who was arrested for carrying a gun, baton, hatchet, knife, wearing a bullet proof vest and some other things into her soon to be ex-husband’s home, was once charged with the murder of an 18 year man.

Deadspin unearth these details.

In 1996, Anna Benson, then Anna Warren, was charged with murder after an 18-year-old man was found executed in the weird graffiti-covered Knoxville apartment she shared with her boyfriend. 

Michael Evans was murdered following an argument in the apartment after which Warren allegedly told her boyfriend Paul Dejongh to “get rid of him.” 

It gets crazier, Benson (who was Warren back then) and Dejongh went on the run and were featured on America’s Most Wanted, it is possible we all saw the episode.

Benson charges didn’t stick because the police couldn’t prove that “get rid of him” meant to kill him Evans.  Dejongh never turned on Benson and was originally convicted of 1st degree murder. On appeal it was dropped to second degree murder, but he still ended up dying in jail.

According to Deadspin, Anna met Kris Benson soon after, but obviously Kris didn’t do a background check.

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  • She needs to be the subject of a motion picture.
    Her come up is unreal.

  • Only thing shocking about her, is that she did not marry a brotha.

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