Antonio Cromartie Says His $10k Party Weekends are Over


I will say this about Antonio Cromartie, he never denied his kids like a certain Houston Rockets center. When he got behind on his child support, he figured out a way to get all caught up.

It appears that he has also figured out that life in the NFL is short and you can’t be blowing money like you have an unlimited supply.

We all make mistakes, Cromartie made more than most, but you can’t live in the past and he is doing his best to secure his future while mentoring others.

“I didn’t have no responsibility,” Cromartie said. “I spent $10,000 one weekend, I spent $10,000 the next weekend.”

“I wasted $5 million in my first three seasons,” Cromartie said. “I had two Dodge Chargers, two Escalades, two BMWs. My first three years, I probably spent, probably, $5 million. And I don’t have nothing to show for it at all.”

Luckily for Cromartie he figured all this out and got a second big contract. Many don’t get that opportunity, so they should pay attention to what he is saying.

7 thoughts on “Antonio Cromartie Says His $10k Party Weekends are Over

  • I am proud of him.
    Mock him now.

  • he probably needs to make sure all his child support payments are current, stop having anymore kids, get rid of any excess etc….and sit down with a financial planner to determine how he can afford life after football…

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