Brazilian Soccer Referee Gets Beheaded At Match

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Simply tragic.

I’m really starting to get scared, there’s been a weird link between decapitations and soccer lately. Just last week we did a report on a homeless man in Russia having his head cut off by drunken teens, who then allegedly played ‘soccer’ with it.

Now, this time in Brazil Deadspin is had reported the gruesome end of an amateur soccer match. The events played out as so:

It happened in the Maranhão region of northeastern Brazil. Thirty-year-old Josenir dos Santos Abreu approached the referee, 20-year-old Otávio Jordão da Silva (pictured above) during a match to argue a call. Abreu reportedly threw a punch at da Silva, who then took out a knife he was carrying with him during the match, and stabbed the player. Abreu died of his wounds en route to the hospital.

What happened next is simply barbaric and unfathomable. The ref, da Silva, was then tied up by the angry crowd who stormed the field, he was beaten, stoned and lynched. When that was done they then cut off his head and placed it on a stake in the center of the field. Seriously.

Just one man has been arrested for his part in the gruesome retaliation killing, Luis Moraes Souza, and the authorities are on the search for two more. The chief of police has issued the following statement:

 “We will identify and hold accountable all those involved. A crime will never justify another. Actions like this do not collaborate with the legality of a state law.”

It’s relieving to hear that police are taking just a big interest in finding these so called ‘vigilantes’. This is not the way you behave to avenge someone’s murder, and it’s unbelievable that even in 2013 people are acting like heathens.

RIP to both men.