Bulls GM Says There Are No Plans To Trade Luol Deng


A healthy Chicago Bulls team could make a lot of noise in the Eastern Conference playoffs as a unit.  The problem is that the Bulls have rarely played together as a unit during the playoffs the past two seasons.

That enticing thought of a fully loaded Bulls team competing together might keep Luol Deng in Chicago a little bit longer. The Sun Times is reporting that Bulls GM Gar Foreman said the team has no plans to move Deng.

Foreman also hinted that the organization could talk extension with Deng as well.

“Well, we love Luol,’’ Forman, who arrived into Vegas on Monday to watch Summer League play, said. “We see Luol as a valuable member of this team moving forward, so the window is open to talk about an extension. We’ve had some conversations. Whether something gets done, I don’t know. But whether it’s this summer or next summer, those are conversations we’ll continue to have….

“I mean our goal has been to bring this group back, and I know [Deng’s] name was floated out there [in trade rumors], but we didn’t initiate calls,’’ Forman said. “We’ve gotten calls on some of our guys, but our goal has been to bring this group back healthy.’’

A healthy Bulls roster will smoke through most of the Eastern Conference next season, but it will be interesting to see if the entire core can be healthy for a playoff run.