Caption the Photo: Josie Harris Shows a Young Mayweather Between Her Legs


Josie Harris has a weird love/hate relationship with Floyd Mayweather (who is the father of their 3 children). Depending on the day she is trying to expose him or expressing how much she cares for him.

I am not sure what she was trying accomplished with the photo above provided by Larry Brown Sports.

She definitely used a lot of hashtags.

#tbt this how dem 3 baby’s got here #icouldntresist #hadtopostit #whatittastelike #lmaoooo #dontpayattentiontothepropsinthebackground #hesalsothebestboxerintheworld #gottaloveusbabymamas

Mayweather had to be in his early 20s at the time, I am going to hope that isn’t crack in the bag. I am just going to call this Siohvaughn Syndrome.