Carlos Ortiz’s Lawyer Says He Hasn’t Snitched on Aaron Hernandez, But….

Carlos Ortiz Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez has been charged with 1st degree murder.

Carlos Ortiz has been charged with carrying a gun.

Police say Ortiz and Hernandez were in the car together when Odin Lloyd was shot. They haven’t said Hernandez was the shooter, just that he masterminded the murder.

I am not a lawyer or investigator, but I did watch Monday Night RAW last night. Two guys are allegedly involved in a homicide, one guy is being charged with murder and one guy is being charged with possession of a firearm.  Which one of those guys do you believe is snitching on the other?

According to Ortiz’s lawyer his client is just an innocent bystander at this point.

According to the Boston Globe, attorney John Connors told reporters that Ortiz is not cooperating with police in the case against Hernandez.

I don’t believe anything that comes out like that,’’ Connors said.  “He’s been talking to me.  At this point he’s charged with carrying a gun, that’s all he’s been charged with.”

Ortiz already told the police about Hernandez’s secret house and who knows what else.  In the end, you will probably see Ortiz on the witness stand pointing at Aaron Hernandez saying he was the shooter.