Colts Joe Lefeged Released From Jail After Gun Arrest

Lefeged, LUCK


Athletes dont believe in just getting a driver or having friends with SOME sense around them, with all these arrests, I just refuse to believe they do.

Arrested early Saturday morning, Lefeged was released today under his own recognizance without the support of the prosecution who wanted him held without bond.

Lefeged was arrested Saturday morning after being pulled by the police for speeding and then pulling off. In the car police found a semi-automatic pistol, loaded, as well as marijuana use being smelled inside the car.

The Colts are aware of the situation and are acting accordingly as facts continue to pour in.

At this point, what do you even say about athletes and their lack of respect for the law? Or even more so their lack of respect for the organization they work for? Someone has to start holding these athletes accountable for their actions, apparently these little slap on the wrist arent cutting it anymore.