DA Won’t Prosecute 49ers Ahmad Brooks For Busting Teammate Over The Head With Bottle

Ahmad Brooks

This is what happens when a star player hits a practice squad player over the head with a bottle. The practice squad player doesn’t want to lose his job or hurt the team, so he clams up.

It is sad because Lamar Divens was the designated driver on that faithful night and was trying to keep Brooks out of trouble.  this is how Brooks repaid him.

According to court records filed when the original warrant was obtained earlier this month, Brooks, Divens and two rookie defensive teammates – undrafted rookies Lawrence Okoye and Mike Purcell – had been drinking in San Jose on June 8 when they returned to Brooks’ home in Brooks’ truck. After Divens, who had been driving, jokingly pretended to throw Brooks’ keys into the yard, Brooks hit him repeatedly over the head with a beer bottle and punched him in the face, opening a gash that needed to be closed with stitches. Brooks also threatened to retrieve a gun, according to court records.

Once Divens changed his mind about pressing charges (I am sure someone helped him change his mind), the prosecutors decided not to go through with the case.

Divens was just trying to be a good teammate and was assaulted for his troubles and the DA didn’t have guts to do the right thing.