Daytona International Speedway Wants To Host Football Games


Pro Football Talk is reporting that Daytona International Speedway is undergoing a three-year, $400 million refurbishment.

When it’s finished, the venue will be configured to host things other than car races.  One idea being thrown around by facility president Joie Chitwood III is the hosting of football games at the race venue.

“If you’re going to claim to be the ‘World Center of Racing’ or the Super Bowl of the sport, there’s an expectation that comes with that — big, grand, the best,” Chitwood said. “This renovation gives us a chance to say that. It supports who we are and the claim we can make that we are important.”

Mark Long of the AP speculates that even NFL games could be played there, specifically mentioning the Jaguars and the Buccaneers as candidates.

Now the key for Daytona would be convincing one of the Florida NFL teams to give up one of their home games, to play a game in Daytona.