DeSean Jackson Says The Eagles are a Top 5 Team

desean jackson rapping

I understand having confidence in your squad, but the Eagles make too many bold claims. Just let your work on the field do the talking.

DeSean took time out from recording rap videos to say this about the Eagles on ESPN’s 1st Take.

“Honestly, I think the Philadelphia Eagles are a top 5 team in the NFL.”

“We can’t really look backwards, we’re going to move forward this year,” he said. “We’ve got Chip Kelly coming in there, he’s installing a great offense, high tempo. We’re going to catch a lot of teams off guard this year.”

The Eagles have talked about being a dynasty (with no championships) and a Dream Team (with no playoffs), so maybe they should just chill on the hyperbole.

Prove you are a Top 5 team by your performance, not your interviews.