Dez Bryant Wants To Repay Cowboys’ Trust In Him


Say what you want about Dez Bryant, but he does seem to be trying to grow up.

Bryant has huge personal goals for this season, that include scoring 20 touchdowns, and going over the 2,000 yard mark in receiving.

Bryant is big on loyalty, and feels he owes the Cowboys a ton for all the support they’ve given him.  Bryant told the Star Telegram that the loyalty the Cowboys showed him won’t be forgotten, and he wants to repay the organization for all they did.

“It means a lot. I give a lot of credit to them,” Bryant said, via Clarence Hill of theFort Worth Star-Telegram. “They stuck their neck out for me and they stayed with me. The time when I didn’t understand certain things, they did their best to help me understand things.

“I feel like it’s my job to pay them back by going out and working hard.”

Bryant thinks highly of himself, and feels he’s among the best in the game.

“If you’re a wideout, that is supposed to be your mindset,” Bryant said. “You don’t want to be second. You don’t want to be third. You want to be the best. That is what I’m trying to do.”