Dodgers Yasiel Puig Sued for $12 Million For Being a Cuban Government Informant

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You really can sue for anything these days, even if the case you are suing about happened in Cuba.

The LA Times has the details.

Yasiel Puig is being sued for $12 million by a man in Cuba who claims Puig knowingly made false allegations against him that resulted in his receiving a seven-year prison sentence.

Puig and his mother testified in a 2010 trial in which Corbacho Daudinot was convicted of human trafficking – basically, of plotting Puig’s escape from Cuba. Corbacho Daudinot denies he ever offered to help Puig defect.

So, Puig testified against the guy who was trying to help him escape Cuba. Puig tried and failed several times to flee Cuba, before finally making it to US.

Weird story, we will see if the claim has any validity in court.

H/T Big Lead