Dolphins Players Use MMA Training to Gain Edge

Miami Dolphins Rookie Camp

Athletes are always looking for new ways to gain an edge, so it was no surprise when a few Dolphins players decided to try MMA training in the offseason. MMA is highly specific with winning a one-on-one battle, so it translates well into the NFL, where players are fighting for position against the other.

Players like Michael Egnew, Richie Incognito, Cameron Wake and 1st round pick, Dion Jordan, all figured the MMA skill set would translate well to success on the field for them according to the Sun Sentinnel. Jordan sought training from Jay Glazer, who formed a company called MMAthletics.

When speaking of the training, Jordan said:

“He [Glazer] taught me leverage and the importance of using my hands, the little things. The MMA work is a little different. It breaks you! It prepares you mentally more than anything else.”

Incognito explained for how MMA translates to success on the field by saying:

“In football you’re training for short bursts, you’re training for power. You need to be explosive. In MMA you’re doing long-haul, three-minute rounds, five-minute rounds. It is about being explosive, but increasing your work capacity.”

Jordan is convinced that the MMA training will increase his defensive production on the field. With the AFC East being wide open this upcoming season, it will be interesting to see how the players utilize their MMA training during games.