Drew Brees Gives $3 Tip on $74 Bill (Photo)


Drew Brees Tip

First, it looks like THE DIRTY is about to get the waitress fired.

I want to make it every clear to management at Del Mar Rendezvous that Carissa DID NOT submit this receipt of cheapo Drew Brees. Contacts at the restaurant have told me you will be meeting with her tonight to discuss termination. Drew Brees is the 3 dollar tipper, don’t fire her because of his actions.- nik

Secondly, what would cause someone to leave a $3 tip on a $74 bill? Bad service? Cheap? Terrible food? No Refills? Didn’t get his ranch? What is the real story?

We may never know unless Drew Brees wants to fill us in on it.


  1. What if she didn’t provide good service? Just because he makes great money doesn’t mean he should give the normal 20% tip for below average service.

  2. It always seems to be the ones that have the money that give the least! It would be intresting to hear Drew’s side of the story considering he should know that 20% is the norm! Come on man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I used to like Drew Brees. Now he just seems like another douchey, selfish athlete. Servers don’t even make minimum wage in Louisiana.

    • It was a take-out order. Most people don’t even tip on that these days — they don’t consider it a service. I used to wait tables so I tip knowing what it’s like to be in that position. 4% on a take-out order isn’t terrible considering most people don’t tip at all! Drew Brees isn’t cheap, don’t believe everything you read in a headline…

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