Dwight Howard: Kobe Never Offered To Teach Me How To Be A Champion


The Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant saga may be ratcheted up even more now that Howard has chosen to become a Houston Rocket.

Earlier in the week, we reported that part of Kobe Bryant’s pitch to Howard was the ability for the Black Mamba to teach Howard how to be a champion. 

Well Dwight Howard has a different take on that story. During an interview with Alex Kennedy of Hoops World, Howard says “Bryant never offered to teach him how to be a champion.”

What did you think of Kobe Bryant’s comments that he could teach you how to be a winner?

DH: “He didn’t say anything of that sort. People twisted a lot of stuff that he said. But in my personal opinion, I’m a winner. I’m a winner because I’ve been playing for nine years when the average career for an NBA player is three years. I’m a winner because I made it to the NBA from a small school in Atlanta, GA, with 16 people in a class. I’m a winner because I’m succeeding in life. I’ve had problems and I’m not better than the next man, but I’m going to push myself to be a winner when it comes to winning a championship. But he didn’t say anything like that and a lot of people twisted what he did say.”

The Lakers and Rockets will meet 4 times this upcoming season, and if you didn’t think Kobe was working hard to get back for the regular season, he is now.


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  • Did someone change the definition of “winner” when I wasn’t looking?

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