Dwyane Wade Ordered to Hand Over Sons to Ex-Wife

Siohvaughn Wade

Wade filed an emergency motion to stop his ex-wife from seeing their sons during her scheduled visitation time. Wade’s attorney cited her irrational behavior when she claimed to be homeless on the street.

After a three hour hearing, Gossip Extra is reporting the judge ordered Wade to immediately had over the kids to the former Mrs. Wade.

Wade’s Ex-Wife gets to see her sons two weeks out of the month during the summer, even though Wade has full custody.

The judge did order Siohvaughn to undergo a full psychological examination. The $5 million settlement offer still hasn’t been signed and the case is ongoing.

2 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Ordered to Hand Over Sons to Ex-Wife

  • Dwyane Wade is a piece of TRASH as a person. This guy puts on this phony face as if he is this great person. I believe his ex-wife when she says he was abusive and that he was on PED’s. Anyone that thinks Wade wasn’t getting drugs from Biogenesis is crazy. Sooner or Later the TRUTH will come out about this guy. Championship rings can’t hide who you really are.

    • Well said Truth Speaker! Wade is phony as they come!

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